Thursday, May 14, 2009

HOW TO: Sex Kitten

I'm finally getting around to posting this Har, if you're watching this, sorry it took so long, but here is your "sex kitten" look! I had to haul my lazy butt over to Sephora and pick up some falsies! I only did this look once the whole time we were together and it was for Halloween! I'm surprised he remembered it, but here it is!

I didn't spend as much time or was as careful doing this as I should have. When you do this look, (if you do this look), take some time to do a sharper eye crease with the darker shadow, use a brighter white to highlight, and contour the sides of your nose and jaw and under your cheekbones. I was feeling a bit under the weather and was gonna wash it off anyway but you get the general idea. I will post a tutorial on the hair (a better version of the hair) when I have time.

Sorry in advance for the coughdrop I've got in my mouth the whole time. I know it isn't sexy but I figured it's better than hacking up a lung every few minutes. And sorry for the bad lighting...I was sick and very cold so I moved my camera by the window so I can sit on the heating vent LOL.


Sex Kitten (Intro)

Sex Kitten (Part 1)

Sex Kitten (Part 2)

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