Friday, May 8, 2009

HOW TO: Red Hot Lips

I was getting ready to go to a bachelorette tonight and realized I wanted to do a tutorial for a clubbing/girls night out look. BUT, I didn't realize this until I was already done with my face and was gonna start doing my lips. I decide to go ahead and turn the camera on and just focus on how to do bright red lips. This is gonna be a mix of a tutorial and a tips and tricks video.

You guys have asked me where I get all these tips from and this particular one (the finger trick near the end) I learned from an ex's sister who used to bartend at a strip club. I assume she learned it from the dancers...

Hope you guys like it!

---Start with a prepped face: moisturizer, concealer on red spots and under eyes, mineral powder foundation, face powder

---Eyebrows: dark dark brown (almost black) eyebrow powder applied with an angled brush. Then eyebrow gel or face lotion applied to brows with a brow brush to set
-Anastasia eyebrow gel
-Clinique dark brown eyebrow powder mixed with black eyeshadow from Covergirl in Onyx

---Eyes: champagne colored creme eyeshadow all over lid, dark brown shimmery creme eyeshadow from eyelashes to crease, black liquid eyeliner on the top lashes followed by black pencil eyeliner on the inside waterline of the top lashes and heavily applied on the inside waterline of the bottom lashes. Use a smudge tip to smudge the bottom eyeliner. Apply heavy coats of a volumizing mascara and then curl lashes.
-Revlon Creme shadow palette in Moonlit Jewels
-Almay black liquid liner
-Almay pearl black eyepencil
-Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Very Black

---Cheeks: apply your peachy blush heavily underneath the cheekbone to contour your face and lightly on the bridge of the nose and forehead. Then use a blending brush to spread the color on the cheekbone.
-Mary Kay Blush in Sparkling Cider

Sorry in advance for the bad lighting, bad editing, and weird sounds. I kinda did this in a hurry!


  1. ooh ... going to have to try this!

    Normally when I try to wear red lipstick I just end up looking like I've been eating jam with a spatula :/

    Thanks ~E!

  2. *sniffle*

    I'm jealous. JEALOUS. With my coloring, I can never wear dark red lipstick. I have to stick to pink and bronze shades. BOOO!!

    I can't believe the boys haven't all flocked over here yet to watch the finger trick over and over and over again. WTH? ;-)