Monday, May 25, 2009

HOW TO: 5 Minute Face!!!

The day after my drunken bachelorette party, I woke up super late and only had 30 minutes to shower and get dressed for work.

(I pretty much got home at 3am, took off my shoes and passed out...still with the red lipstick on from my last tutorial! It was not a pretty sight!)

The camera was still set up from the night before so I turned it on to show you guys that you don't need a lot of stuff and a lot of time to get ready. This was done with 6 things, no tools, and roughly 6 minutes!

For the hair, shower with a cap on so your hair stays dry. My hair gets curly/wavy when wet, so I put the pigtails in so I'll know where I want to wet the hair (where I want the curls to start), sprayed water on the parts below the rubber bands, took the bands out, used hairspray and out the door you go. For those with straight hair, spray hairspray on the ends of your hair, scrunch it up with your hands to create waves.

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HOW TO: Favorite Summer Products

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tips and Tricks: Two for the price of 1!

Two tips for you today!

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Zapping that Zit!

Face Charts

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HOW TO: Sex Kitten

I'm finally getting around to posting this Har, if you're watching this, sorry it took so long, but here is your "sex kitten" look! I had to haul my lazy butt over to Sephora and pick up some falsies! I only did this look once the whole time we were together and it was for Halloween! I'm surprised he remembered it, but here it is!

I didn't spend as much time or was as careful doing this as I should have. When you do this look, (if you do this look), take some time to do a sharper eye crease with the darker shadow, use a brighter white to highlight, and contour the sides of your nose and jaw and under your cheekbones. I was feeling a bit under the weather and was gonna wash it off anyway but you get the general idea. I will post a tutorial on the hair (a better version of the hair) when I have time.

Sorry in advance for the coughdrop I've got in my mouth the whole time. I know it isn't sexy but I figured it's better than hacking up a lung every few minutes. And sorry for the bad lighting...I was sick and very cold so I moved my camera by the window so I can sit on the heating vent LOL.


Sex Kitten (Intro)

Sex Kitten (Part 1)

Sex Kitten (Part 2)

Friday, May 8, 2009

HOW TO: Red Hot Lips

I was getting ready to go to a bachelorette tonight and realized I wanted to do a tutorial for a clubbing/girls night out look. BUT, I didn't realize this until I was already done with my face and was gonna start doing my lips. I decide to go ahead and turn the camera on and just focus on how to do bright red lips. This is gonna be a mix of a tutorial and a tips and tricks video.

You guys have asked me where I get all these tips from and this particular one (the finger trick near the end) I learned from an ex's sister who used to bartend at a strip club. I assume she learned it from the dancers...

Hope you guys like it!

---Start with a prepped face: moisturizer, concealer on red spots and under eyes, mineral powder foundation, face powder

---Eyebrows: dark dark brown (almost black) eyebrow powder applied with an angled brush. Then eyebrow gel or face lotion applied to brows with a brow brush to set
-Anastasia eyebrow gel
-Clinique dark brown eyebrow powder mixed with black eyeshadow from Covergirl in Onyx

---Eyes: champagne colored creme eyeshadow all over lid, dark brown shimmery creme eyeshadow from eyelashes to crease, black liquid eyeliner on the top lashes followed by black pencil eyeliner on the inside waterline of the top lashes and heavily applied on the inside waterline of the bottom lashes. Use a smudge tip to smudge the bottom eyeliner. Apply heavy coats of a volumizing mascara and then curl lashes.
-Revlon Creme shadow palette in Moonlit Jewels
-Almay black liquid liner
-Almay pearl black eyepencil
-Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Very Black

---Cheeks: apply your peachy blush heavily underneath the cheekbone to contour your face and lightly on the bridge of the nose and forehead. Then use a blending brush to spread the color on the cheekbone.
-Mary Kay Blush in Sparkling Cider

Sorry in advance for the bad lighting, bad editing, and weird sounds. I kinda did this in a hurry!