Monday, May 25, 2009

HOW TO: 5 Minute Face!!!

The day after my drunken bachelorette party, I woke up super late and only had 30 minutes to shower and get dressed for work.

(I pretty much got home at 3am, took off my shoes and passed out...still with the red lipstick on from my last tutorial! It was not a pretty sight!)

The camera was still set up from the night before so I turned it on to show you guys that you don't need a lot of stuff and a lot of time to get ready. This was done with 6 things, no tools, and roughly 6 minutes!

For the hair, shower with a cap on so your hair stays dry. My hair gets curly/wavy when wet, so I put the pigtails in so I'll know where I want to wet the hair (where I want the curls to start), sprayed water on the parts below the rubber bands, took the bands out, used hairspray and out the door you go. For those with straight hair, spray hairspray on the ends of your hair, scrunch it up with your hands to create waves.

Hope you enjoy watching and please tell your friends! Don't forget to hit that follow button and if you have any requests then feel free to email me!

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