Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tips and Tricks 1: Saving Lipstick

I wanted to share with everyone the little tricks I've learned over the years that have served me well. I am in no means a professional and I don't pretend to be one, but the way I see it, what better way to learn how to do things and the best way to do things than experience right?

That said, please enjoy and if you have any questions or request don't hesitate to email me and I'll try my best to impress!


  1. Argh! I'm so embarrassed that I never thought to do that before! It seems so obvious now!

    And just last week I threw away the end of my favourite Max Factor lipstick :( Oh well!

    Thanks ~E ... at least I'll know better next time :P

  2. oh no! well maybe you can dig it out of the rubbish bin and...ew, no. Nevermind that's gross.

    Yeah, next time! ;)

  3. That is pretty freakin awesome! I'll have to tell my friends... it's just that I don't use lipstick. At least not the tubed kind... When I do use more than just chapstick, I use liquid lipstick.

  4. Felisa: me too for the most part...but there are just some colors that work better in a tube. Like fire-engine red...