Sunday, April 19, 2009

HOW TO: Date Look

Right after my first video last week, I get an email from TexiLexi78 asking me to do another tutorial LOL! And if anyone else wants to do a request, please send it to my email and I will try my best to impress! :)

Verbatum: "hey girlie! saw ur vid on ur blog which was sent to me from a friend, and was wondering if u wouldnt mind helping a girl out! You seem to be hella skilled at this stuff which if very impressive. I got a hottie date coming up next saturday and i suck hugely at doing makeup. dont wanna look like a slut ho but i dont wanna look like i just crawled out off bed either hahaha! wanna teach me a hottie date look? Ill owe u big time if i score hahahaha." --lex

Well Lex...I haven't gone on a date in a loooong time and I'm not sure what you would consider a hottie look. However, if I was to have a date, this would probably be what I'd look like. Also, I don't know if you're white, asian, latina, I tried to use colors that are fairly universal. I can send you detailed instructions on everything if you need it. Might I also direct you (and anyone else who is reading this) to a great blog that I read all the time...Candy's Daily Dandy...she is an actual professional makeup artiste! Also, Google this: That Blue Yak...Lots of good beauty tips there! ;) Hope you like it and good luck on your date!


  1. That was great! You always use such lovely colours.

    Have you ever thought about doing make-up professionally? I'm no expert but you look like you're skilled enough.

    And great idea about setting up another blog ... I've added it to my list :)

  2. Question for you... what's the best way to cover redness? I've tried several green-tinted things...but I have so many pictures where my rose area is BRIGHT RED. Urgh!

  3. Girl Interrupted: I've thought about it, but I think it would stop being fun if I had to do it as a job.

    Jan: I've found it really depends on your complexion. I've tried green concealer, purple concealer, yellow concealer...and all that happened was I looked like army camo. To me, the best thing to use is a liquid foundation that is a couple shades lighter than your skin tone (that is what I've used in my first tutorial) and then let that set before using your normal foundation on top of that. Try it and let me know how it works.